Yacht Investment

By investing in a yacht, you can, as well as the use of owners’ weeks, also enjoy a range of financial advantages.

With charter operation through MYD you earn, on average, some 9-12% annually. After 5-10 years, you become the owner of the yacht which is always still worth 45-55% of the original investment and represents the actual return on investment (dependent on yacht type and design).

Yacht Care

Do you already own a yacht? Would you like to know that it is being looked after and properly cared for?

In our bases at Betina (CRO) and Achilleio (GR), we have numerous berths specially designed for owners’ yachts.  With our Yacht Care Programme, you can be assured that your yacht will be constantly monitored by us, regularly checked, serviced, cared for and kept clean. So even if you haven’t used your yacht for a long time, you can cast off at any time without worries. Our Yacht Care Programme also includes a winter and a spring service, repairs of all types, installation of additional equipment according to your requirements, and much more. 


For questions about booking or further information please feel free to contact us at any time